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The Cantinas

Come Live Más at the ultimate playground for your inner eclectic grandparent.

Low impact sports, old school arts and crafts, and next-level leisure: we’ve got two days full of retiree-inspired recreation that’ll knock you off your rocker.


Retiree Lodging

Rooms for weekend members and a guest to stay overnight. Afternoon naps encouraged.

Vintage Merch

Snag a free piece from our exclusive collection of one of a kind, upcycled Cantinas gear so you can look the part while you Live Más.

Arts and Crafts

Bring creative másterpieces to life with painting classes and knitting circles.


Unleash your competitive side with a wide variety of old school games.

Retiree Recreation

Keep your heart rate (moderately) up with golf, pickleball tourneys, croquet, bocce and more.

Active-living Staples

Baja Blast those glutes with an exercise and wellness regimen for to get in your daytime exercise.

Next-level Culinary Experiences

Elevated dining with the delicious Taco Bell your heart desires.